Why to date a cougar woman instead of younger woman? Part – 1

Dating a cougar woman is quite complex and tricky but dating a cougar has its own benefits too. There are many reasons that make me to attract towards cougar woman instead of younger woman. Most guys or my friends often ask me about my dating choice and I proudly say that dating an older woman is my passion and I become super excited whenever I saw a hot and sexy cougar in front of me. There are many reasons that make me to date a cougar and here are few of them. 

You can see the confidence in cougar woman that is quite missing in younger woman – yes, cougar woman are full of confidence. Cougar’s are self made and independent mostly and they know how to deal if there’s any complex situation. You can’t see that confidence in younger woman and in fact they will panic quite easily and in most cases they are not able to handle the situation as well as cougar woman can do easily.

Sexual experience – while going intimate with older woman, you will feel the best sexual experience of your life and pleasure. Yes, older woman knows exactly what makes them comfortable, relaxed and gives them pleasure while having sex with their partner. They will guide you in bed and helps you to please her. Younger woman don’t have that experience and they don’t know what makes them comfortable in bed and how to proceed further. 

Cougar woman don’t need your money – dating a cougar woman has its own financial benefit too. Cougar women are mostly working women, business owners or also have saving in their bank. So, it’s quite obvious that they don’t need your money from you while dating. You don’t have to pay their bills and bear other dating expenses while dating a cougar woman. In fact, cougar woman will help you financially sometimes just like a sugar mom and she will pay your bills and take care of your expenses as well. You won’t get that benefit when you are dating a younger girl with hardly have savings or no money to pay bills. While dating with younger woman, you would have to pay her bills most of the time and bare all dating expenses too.

There isn’t any drama when you date an older woman – cougar woman are enough mature and understand the situation completely. Cougar woman never create a scene or do drama when there is something wrong between you two. If you didn’t call your cougar woman for couple of days they won’t get panic and show their anger or do silly things that will disturb you or embarrass you in public areas. But if you are dating a younger woman and won’t connect with her for couple of hours without any information, you will have to face a complex situation. 

Being loyal – you don’t have to prove your loyalty all the time when you are dating a cougar woman. If you are dating a younger woman, being loyal to her and prove your loyalty is your first thing to do.